Our Services

We at Simabuild are defined by four pillars, which make us our client’s preferred partner :

Meticulous Planning​

All projects have one thing in common - the fine balance between time, cost and complexity. Together with you, we set the framework and plan our next steps. We are transparent and reliable!

Completion On Time​

A job done right, is a job done On Time! We understand how important this is for you. When assesing the project we will always provide realistic time-frame for the task at hand, but also make sure to remain true to our promises!

Perfect Execution​

As a small, family business, we at Simabuild rely heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations. Our success would not have been possible, without our unwavering commitment to quality and finish!

Affordable Prices​

London is a competitive market, arguably the most competitive in the world! In order to remain competitive, we offer affordable services with unyielding quality!

Our Specialization

We specialise in home improvements, from constructions, extention, refurbishment to individual spaces such as Livingrooms, Bathrooms or Gardens. Furthermore, we also offer carpentry services. For those odd spaces, which can be utilized or to recreate an unique idea!

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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